Mince fit for a Foodie – Whole Meat Pork Mince

You’re a foodie king amidst lesser palates. Store bought mince sounds suspect to you and you want better. The great news is mince worthy of your eating is easy and quick to make from whole meat so you know exactly what’s inside, with the added bonus of much better flavour!

Use a food processor, a meat grinder or, if you’re craving a workout, do it by hand. Make large batches and freeze it down at the ready for future dishes.

We recommend using well marbled and pre-cut pork shoulder steaks. These have a 80/20 ratio of meat to fat which is the perfect combination for mince to ensure it doesn’t dry out when cooking and has lots of flavour.

Active Time: 10 mins / Total Time to Cook Dish: 25 mins

Cooking Equipment Needed:

1 Food Processor (or Meat Grinder / Heavy Sharp Knife)

1 Ingredient:

Pork Shoulder Steaks or Whole Pork Shoulder cut into steaks (buy as much or as little as you need)


1. Cut the steaks into 1 inch cubes and lay out on a large tray so the pieces do not touch. Place directly in the freezer to cool for 15-20 mins. Don’t skip this step! Cooling firms up the meat and stops it from becoming a congealed mess in the food processor.  

2. Once cooled, blitz the meat in a food processor in small batches of 250g or less. You must pulse the meat every 2-3 secs until the desired consistency is reached. Don’t just run the food processor constantly as the meat will not have a good even cut.

3. Enjoy your mince with these ideas!

Keep Chilled and Carry On

The key is to keep everything chilled. Cooling the meat first helps to firm it up so it chops more cleanly in the food processor. It also keeps the fat from melting and separating. The more ardent foodies among our team even chill the blades of the food processor in the freezer first. That’s just showing off.