Masters of Masa - Quick Homemade Corn Tortillas

You’re in for a real treat! Homemade corn tortillas have an distinct maize aroma and flavour, are soft and fluffy and taste much better that the store bought wheat variety. They are also surprisingly easy to make.

You need 1 key ingredient called masa harina – flour made from specially treated corn, easily found on Amazon or specialist grocers. The brand we use is Maseca Masa Harina and a 1kg bag is likely to produce 60+ small tortillas. Bargain!

Makes approx. 16 small tortillas / Serves: 4-5 / Active Time: 25 mins / Total Time to Cook Dish: 45 mins

Cooking Equipment Needed:

1 Cast Iron Pan or Frying Pan

1 Zip Seal Bag

1 Heavy Pan (or Rolling Pin) / Tortilla Press

1 Ingredient:

240g Maseca Masa Harina


1. Mix 240g (2 cups) masa harina with ½ tsp salt into a bowl with 350ml (1½ cups) warm water. Mix well and knead with your hands until it forms a very smooth ball (5-10 mins).

If it’s too dry add 1 Tbsp water or if it’s too wet add 1 Tbsp masa harina. Keep adding and mixing until you form the smooth ball. Cover with a tea towel and leave to rest for 20 mins for the corn to hydrate.

2. Once hydrated, separate the dough by rolling into golf ball sized chunks between your hands.

3. Time to flatten! Slit the sides of a zip seal bag so it completely opens up. Place 1 dough ball in the centre and fold over one side of the plastic. With a heavy pan flatten the ball as hard as possible into a thin tortilla. You can also use a rolling pin or tortilla press.

4. Peel the tortilla away carefully from the zip lock bag. Place on a dry medium hot pan for about 1 min on each side until charred. Finally flip back onto the original side and the tortilla should puff up - again leave for up to 1 min to finish cooking. Put on a warmed plate or basket and cover with a tea towel. Stack all tortillas on top of each other and serve as soon as they are done.

Corn Conundrum

We make mistakes so you don’t have to – so don’t confuse masa harina with corn meal, corn flour or corn starch! Masa harina is made from nixtamalized corn – essentially corn that is cooked in an alkaline solution that breaks down the maize cell walls to allow the formation of dough. It also gives tortillas their distinct yummy flavour. Now with that wisdom imparted, go forth and cook!

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