The Street Food Company is founded upon our backpacking adventures as university students. Being on a budget, we survived on Street Food but it was some of the best food we’ve ever tasted in our lives, from traditional chilli orange pork tacos served from Mexico’s market taquerias to eating nasi goreng by the beaches in Bali, hot curries and roti canai for breakfast in tropical Kuala Lumpur to snacking in São Paulo on coxinhas.

Inspired, we formed The Street Food Company to start a Street Food Revolution and take the dazzling dishes and electric flavours

we experienced off the streets and into people’s homes!


Join the Revolution and Let Your Taste Buds Travel!

James (the Backpacker) &

Kevin (street food born and bred)




We are Foodies igniting a Street Food Revolution, out to bring a whole new Street Food experience into every home. We are battling against boring dishes and uninspiring recipes; we want an end to bland food and insipid products which promise much but don’t deliver on flavour. We are fighting for your freedom to create sensational Street Food at home.


We want to make your experience of cooking at home and the dishes you create fun and inspirational, infused with the joy of reliving your own travel memories and delicious Street Food encounters.


We want you to grow in confidence and pride as a Street Food cook, to learn the tips and tricks of Street Food hawkers, to show off to your friends and family.


Above all we want you to enjoy the electrifying flavour of Street Food because life’s too short for joyless food. Reignite your taste buds, awaken your inner foodie and join our Street Food Revolution!