Crying Tiger Mango Salad

Reminiscent of a raw mango salad we ate off a Bangkok street hawker. So spicy yet tasty, it brings tears to your eyes. After all, what is pleasure without a little pain?

Crying Tiger Mango Salad

// Get ready to cook:


1. Peel and cut the mango and carrot into thin julienne strips (see foodie tips below). Deseed the cucumber and also slice into thin strips. If you’re posh enough to own a food processor, you can use it too.

2. Roughly chop the mint leaves, coriander and peanuts. Finely slice the chillies then wash your hands.

3. In a large bowl, add all the ingredients (except Thai Sweet Tamarind and lime). Just before serving drizzle with Thai Sweet Tamarind and add a generous squeeze of lime. Combine until evenly mixed. Serve immediately.

Shop List:

5 Tbsp (75g) Thai Sweet Tamarind

150g Cooked King Prawns

200g Cooked Vermicelli Noodles

½ Mango

½ Cucumber

1 Small Carrot

½ Lime

2-3 Thai Bird Eye Chillies (adjust accordingly)

15g Fresh Mint (use only the leaves)

15g Fresh Coriander

30g Roasted Peanuts



Close Shave

Don’t have a food processor or julienne peeler handy? We hear you. If you have a fruit peeler, we have a trick to show you. First peel off the any skins. Then continue to shave the fruit or vegetable in question so you create sheets of thin shavings. Stack the sheets together then using a knife, cut them into strips. Ta da, julienne strips!

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Thai Sweet Tamarind


Thai Sweet Tamarind is all about our travels in the street food paradise that is Bangkok. From the flaming wok pad thai noodles to charred moo ping pork skewers and spicy and tart mango salads, our backpacker bellies have always been overindulged and bursting in Thailand!

About this dish:






20 mins


Total Time:

20 mins



3 Hot

Cooking Equipment Needed: 1 Large Bowl

Make It Your Own: “I feel like chicken tonight, like chicken tonight…” as the retro commercial goes. Take 3 boneless chicken thighs, toss them in 3 Tbsp of the Thai Sweet Tamarind. Leave to sit in the fridge for 30mins then oven bake at 180°C fan or until cooked and slightly charred. Slice up and use in place of prawns in the recipe to satisfy your chicken cravings.

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