- DRESSING: Give your mayo an ancho oomph by stirring in a spoonful

- GLAZE: Slather onto ribs/wings/pork chops for a Mexican summer fiesta!

- SLOW: Slow cook with pork shoulder or brisket for some Yucatán yumminess

- FLAVOUR: Jazz up cooked pulled meats for spectacular sandwiches



We hand-cook cumin, cinnamon and Mexican chillies to create the same earthy smoky flavours similar to that in Cochinita Pibil. In addition, as is traditional, we add aromatic bitter orange juice that gives a citrus sweetness.

1 Mild

Vegan Friendly

Chilli Rating:



Mexican Chilli Orange embodies the flavours of the southeast Mexican state of Yucatán and it’s most famous dish Cochinita Pibil. Pork rubbed in a warming citrus spice paste, wrapped in banana leaf and baked in a hand-dug roasting pit for several hours till the meat is smoky and tender. Served on a corn tortilla, it is Mexican market food at its best!