- MARINADE: Toss with thinly sliced steak or pork; marinate overnight for tantalising taste

- FLAVOUR: Seoul Food - mix into cooked pulled pork/beef for a Asian apple twist

- SAUCE: Combine with spicy sriracha to make a Korean hot wing sauce!



Instead of Korean pear which is traditionally used, we use crushed apples as the base for our Korean Bulgogi which gives it a fruity sweetness and tartness that better balances out.

No Chilli

Vegan Friendly

Chilli Rating:



Our Korean Bulgogi takes us to Seoul’s gogi-jib barbecue houses and the unique Korean cooking culture of gogi-gui i.e. the grilling of meats over charcoal grills which are built into the dining tables. It is inspired by one of the best loved gogi-gui dishes, bulgogi (meaning “fire meat”), comprising thinly sliced beef marinated in a special Korean marinade then char-grilled to perfection!