- DRESSING: Spoon into burgers or drizzle over seared steaks for some Cuban flair

- MARINADE: Massage into lamb chops/pork steaks for a Havana hit!

- STIR FRY: With cream cheese, chicken & peppers…one of our midweek guilty pleasures



For a more vibrant flavour, we use fresh herbs (not dried) in our Cuban Chimichurri which we patiently hand-cook to release the aromatics. Coupled with a kick of chilli, it is Latin American-Caribbean fusion at its best!

2 Medium

Vegan Friendly

Chilli Rating:



Cuban Chimichurri pays homage to the Argentinian parilla steakhouses but with a Cuban twist. Chimichurri is a popular condiment for charred churrasco steaks and smoky chorizo choripán, traditionally made only with parsley. But the Cuban variation livens it up with cilantro and we have also added mint to create our very own street food version!



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