Poke Grain Bowl Concept!

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We make bold, adventurous and uncompromising flavours from all around the world Inspired by the street food we’ve experienced on our travels.


Sweet and tangy Thai dark sugar tamarind sauce


Aromatic pink Sichuan peppercorn and ginger paste

CUBAN CHIMICHURRI- the street food compa

A Latin American mint, coriander and parsley pesto

KOREAN BOLGOGI - the street food company

A sweet Korean apple and toasted sesame BBQ paste

NASI GORENG - the street food company.pn

Indonesian crushed chilli and sweet dark soy paste


Inspiring and phenomenally tasty dishes inspired by the street food we’ve eaten whilst backpacking, easily cooked by just adding a few basic ingredients.

about us

The Street Food Company started after our backpacking adventures and tasting incredible street food from all around the world. As foodies, we continue to be inspired by the street food we eat on our travels and in our daily lives.